The occupiers increased the bribing scale to obtain passport data

The Russians fail not only in the volume of passporting, but also in the collection of passport data in the temporarily occupied territories. So they are forced to increase the scale of bribery of the population.

The tactics of the occupiers is very simple: create a social crisis and then issue one-time payments of 10,000 rubles in exchange for a passport. Previously, the Russians applied it to retirees, but on July 6 they expanded the list to those who can receive 10,000 rubles. In particular, low-income families, mothers with children under 3 years of age, and other socially vulnerable sections of the population can receive money now. People continue to be pressured to take Russian documents.

Forced passporting in places of deprivation of liberty is also ongoing. In particular, they apply psychological and physical pressure to prisoners.

Reminder, earlier the occupiers began to pressure the prisoners of the “Northern Correctional Colony No. 90” to apply for Russian passports. The head of the colony, Yevhen Sobolev, went over to the side of the enemy, and already on June 18, his car unexpectedly exploded. The traitor survived, but decided to be treated in the Crimea, because he does not trust Kherson doctors.

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