The occupiers keep records of mobilized resources in the north of Luhansk region

In the territories of Luhansk region that were occupied by the Russians after February 24, the male population between the ages of 18 and 50 and separately up to 60 years of age is being recorded for those who have served in the armed forces and have the rank of an officer.

The occupiers pay special attention to employees of local communal services and forestry enterprises.


Undoubtedly, foremost, the occupiers will focus on more loyal persons, those who took the oath back in the days of the Soviet Union and those who like to celebrate February 23 (former military holiday). After that, it will be younger people who, at the same time, express a certain attachment to Russia or do not deny its control over the occupied territories.


Propagandists at TOT are already preparing a list of events for this pseudo-holiday of the “protector” in the framework of which they will promote the need to “fulfill man’s duty” and “return the debt to the Soviet family”, which is now represented by Russia.

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