The occupiers are using schools as a brainwashing center for Ukrainian children, and soon plan to open a center for training “teachers” of history and the Russian language for such schools.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers have a shortage of teachers. Most of the Ukrainian personnel refused to work for the enemy, and therefore the occupiers took their “teachers” who are engaged in the Russification of Ukrainian children to the territory. However, this did not solve the problem. Most Russians come on a rotational basis due to higher payments than in the Russian Federation. However, they do not want to stay on a permanent basis, because they are not sure of the future affiliation of the region to the Russian Federation.

Therefore, the occupiers want to open pedagogical universities at TOT, where they will train “new teachers” at a rapid pace. The first such school is to be opened in Berdyansk, where, according to the enemy’s plan, current history and Russian language teachers will undergo retraining by September 1. The priority of the selected specialists clearly demonstrates what the “Russian school” emphasizes, namely the study of the language and “correct history”.

The National Resistance Center urges not to send children to Russian propaganda centers. Note that Russian education is a road to nowhere. There are no prestigious universities in Russia, and educational exchange programs are blocked due to the gradual isolation of the terrorist country.

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