The occupiers plan to take garbage from the territory of the Russian Federation to the TOT

The Russian government has come up with another corruption scheme to embezzle funds in the temporarily occupied territory.

The Russian government has published a decree on subsidising the purchase and supply of specialised equipment. According to the document, Moscow plans to spend 1.3 billion rubles to equip landfills in the TOT of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. 

In fact, the occupiers want to turn the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories into a landfill for Russian garbage. They plan to take waste from the territory of the Russian Federation there.

The declared 1.3 billion rubles are supposed to be spent on garbage containers and special equipment. However, in fact, they will use machinery and equipment stolen from Ukrainian utilities in the TOT. The funds will be laundered through shell companies controlled personally by the head of the Russian government, Mishustin.

The Russians do not care about the civilian population in the TOT and where the garbage will be taken. The key thing is to have time to steal the money before the de-occupation of our territories.

The National Resistance Centre thanks the underground for informing the defence forces. How to do it safely can be found here.

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