The occupiers plan to take school propagandists to study in Russia

In October, the occupiers plan to hold a forum of «class teachers» in Moscow, where teachers will be explained how to properly brainwash children.
They plan to take about 3 thousand people to the forum teachers from the TOT to take part in a propaganda coven. The event is organized by the Russian Ministry of Enlightenment (Ministry of Enlightenment).
The forum is planned to address international criminal Vladimir Putin, as well as speeches by propagandists. In addition, participants should receive manuals on «patriotic education of youth», that is, instructions on brainwashing children.
It should be noted that the policy of the Russian Federation in the TOT to destroy the self-identification of an entire generation of Ukrainians is a sign of genocide in accordance with international law. Therefore, everyone involved in this process will be held accountable for their crimes after the liberation of the territories.

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