The occupiers plan to test Ukrainian children’s knowledge of the Russian national anthem

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation will soon begin “testing patriotism” in educational institutions in the temporarily occupied territories.

They will check the schools and fake higher education institutions that the occupiers created on the basis of the seized premises of Ukrainian universities. As part of the “check”, the enemy wants to find out whether pupils and students know the Russian national anthem, and whether the symbols of the occupation are installed in the institutions. It is about the flag and coat of arms of the enemy and the portrait of the main occupier, Vladimir Putin.

Please note that for Russians, schools and universities are not educational in nature, but propaganda in nature. That is why the occupation ministry is preoccupied with such issues, because brainwashing is what the “Russian education system” is all about.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT to leave the region until it is freed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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