The occupiers refuse to pay maternity benefits if mother does not have a Russian passport

In the temporarily occupied territories, women in labor are refused payment if they do not have a passport of the Russian Federation.

Despite the fact that, according to the occupation legislation, all newborns at the TOT are considered citizens of the Russian Federation, their parents still cannot receive benefits without a russian passport. In this way, the occupation administration is resorting to yet another pressure for forced passporting of the region.

Note that in some cases, women in labor are taken to the regions of the Russian Federation to give birth, where they also don’t get further support in the absence of russian passport.

The enemy disregards all norms of morality, not understanding that this will not change the true state of affairs, namely that the Russians are the occupiers here and their time is running out. All these passports will burn in the trash after the deoccupation of the native land.

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