The occupiers staged a terrorist attack “under a foreign flag” in Melitopol

On September 22, the occupiers staged a terrorist attack on the market in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, in order to blame the Ukrainian authorities for this on the eve of the pseudo-referendum.

In the Central Market of the city, where there is always a large crowd of people, the occupiers made an explosion and killed three of their soldiers. According to the mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov, the local authorities are currently determining the number of victims among the civilian population.

The Russians deliberately committed a terrorist attack in order to raise the tension as much as possible before the fake referendum, which should start this weekend. At the same time, the Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of the region to evacuate from TOT, because all these “referendums” are needed only to start the mobilization, which the collaborators are already talking about. If there is no possibility to leave the region right now, then ignore the “referendum”, do not go to the polling station, and do not open the apartment door to strangers during the event.

We will remind you that earlier Ukraine’s Resistance Center published the data of members of the so-called “polling stations” online.

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