The poverty level on the TOT continues to grow rapidly

The socio-economic crisis is growing in the temporarily occupied territories of the south and east of Ukraine.

Social tension is observed in the region and a significant decrease in the number of residents is recorded, especially in small towns and villages in the occupied regions. The occupation administration doesn’t solve the problems of local residents, but only provokes them.

The growth of poverty on the TOT is due primarily to the lack of a logistical component, which makes it impossible to supply food products to local stores. The second point is unemployment and the blocking of transfers from Ukraine. Also, the medicine supply system has not been established, which creates an additional burden on the elderly.

The Center of National Resistance reminds us that the Ukrainian Resistance Movement maintains a list of all collaborators and representatives of the occupation administrations. Thus, no collaborator will be able to avoid the punishment.

We remind you that you can report an enemy or a collaborator using the link.

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