Partisans from the temporarily occupied territories punish the occupiers and in every way remind the latter that their life on Ukrainian land is short. The Center for National Resistance has prepared an overview of the main events in the TOT.

Liquidation of the occupiers

At the beginning of the week, in the Kherson region partisans used an improvised explosive device to blow up the Russian checkpoint near a military infrastructure facility.

Also, in Nova Kakhovka unknown heroes eliminated the Russian performer and propagandist Sergei Tvetinsky who actively cooperated with the occupation administration and headed the reception of the pseudo-party “Just Russia – FOR THE TRUTH”.

In addition, on the night of April 26-27 in the village of Velyki Kopani, Oleshkiv district, partisans destroyed two occupiers who regularly mocked local residents.

Active struggle against the occupiers is also ongoing in Zaporizhzhia. On the morning of April 27, an explosion rang out in Melitopol, as a result of which the traitor policeman Oleksandr Mischenka was eliminated.

The latter worked in the so-called “Ministry of Internal Affairs” in the position of deputy chief for personnel issues, but in fact he was engaged in the protection of local Gauleiters. The second casualty of the morning explosion was police officer Yuri Akimov, who was hospitalized in serious condition.

Along with this, activists of the public movement against the occupation “Yellow Ribbon” spread Ukrainian symbols through the streets of Melitopol despite the active counter-intelligence measures.

Patriotic actions are also held in temporarily occupied Luhansk. Despite the fact that the city has been under Russian occupation for 9 years, unknown heroes continue to remind Russians that they are in a foreign city.

The occupiers tighten their grip

So, in the Kherson region, the Russians threaten to deport those who refuse to receive a Russian passport. In particular, the occupiers go around the villages and “call” to get a passport. Also, in addition to deportation,the occupiers threaten the local people not to pass through their checkpoints with a Ukrainian passport.

In general, the occupiers are trying in every possible way to passport the people by inventing new “rules”, such as free meals for children of grades 1-4 in the temporarily occupied territories of the south of Ukraine, at the request of parents with Russian passports.

The latter is supposed to confirm paternity but in fact is another element of pressure. The goal is maximum passporting before the local elections, which the occupiers plan to hold at TOT in early September.

At the same time, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the enemy continues to intensify measures to identify members of the Ukrainian underground. The apartments of those whom they suspect of “disloyalty” get searched, often without the presence of the owners. Also, cases of random checks on the streets have become more frequent.

The situation is similar in other regions of the south, where the Russians in anticipation of a possible “counteroffensive” are stepping up patrols to identify “saboteurs”. However, these checks are useless when the majority of the locals perceives you as an enemy.

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