The Russian military are promised land plots on TOT


In order for the Russians to join the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces more actively to fight against Ukraine, they are promised land plots.

The occupying administrations are actively “nationalizing” farm lands that were temporarily abandoned by their owners. Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories, Russians are actually expropriating private property. Instead, they promise to distribute separate plots to the Russian military as a reward for participating in the war against Ukraine.

Large farms have already been placed under the supervision of proxies who are controlled by local Gauleiters. In the Kherson region, large farms have been transferred to a collaborator volodymyr saldo. As the National Resistance Center wrote earlier, saldo wants to monopolize the theft of grain from the TOT of southern Ukraine.

The National Resistance Center reminds all collaborators that our underground knows your names and surnames. All traitors who are now looting the land to please the occupiers will be held accountable.

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