The Russians are creating a network to collect passport data of residents under occupation

In the Kherson region the invaders are expanding the number of “one-time financial assistance” points, thanks to which the Russians are trying to collect local data for the organization of a pseudo-referendum.

The invaders created a food crisis and offer a way out of it – 10,000 rubles in exchange for passport data. They plan to use the data to organize a pseudo-referendum. However, even such a tactics does not bring results so the Russians increased the number of “aid” distribution points in order to reach as many people as possible.

Further, the enemy plans to use these data to conduct his theatry show called “referendum”. At the same time, the Russians are looking for a place to hold a “show of will” and bring representatives of their mass media to the region for propaganda.

It will be recalled that earlier the Center of National Resistance reported that the Russians could not find “journalists” for their fake TV channel, which they created on the basis of the captured Suspilne.Kherson branch

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