The Russians are forming lists of “independent observers” for their pseudo-referendum

The occupiers continue preparations for their propaganda sabbath called the “referendum”

In particular, the Kremlin is forming lists of “independent observers”, which is already ironic, because no one in the world recognizes this “referendum” under the muzzles of tanks and is not going to recognize it.

Local collaborators, representatives of “friendly countries” and citizens of EU members – agents of Russian influence – should become “independent observers” in the imagination of Moscow. Yes, the famous Kremlin propagandist from Italy Sara Reginella is already in the east, who has been promoting Moscow’s narratives in Italy since 2014.

At the same time, we note that the Russians did not have time to prepare for the “show of will” on September 11. It’s not just that they couldn’t capture all the regions they had planned by that time. But also in the absence of support from the local population, which makes it impossible to create a propaganda picture.

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