The Russians are planning an “evacuation” from northern Crimea

The occupiers are conducting measures to prepare for the displacement of the local Ukrainian residents and the theft of material and cultural values.

The Russians gave orders to the occupation administrations in the north of the temporarily occupied peninsula to prepare for “evacuation”.

Therefore, instructions were given regarding the resident list for forced “evacuation” deep into the peninsula or to the territory of the Russian Federation. In particular, according to information from the Crimean underground, appropriate preparation has already taken place in the city of Armyansk.

Representatives of the occupation administrations and their families, as well as equipment and documents, will also be taken out as a matter of priority. At the same time, the Russians are demanding lists of material and cultural values that they plan to steal from the Russian Federation.

The National Resistance Center thanks the local underground for the information and lists of those involved in the activities of the occupation administrations and theft of valuables – everyone will be punished and answer for what they have done.

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