The russians are preparing a mobilization in the south of Ukraine

The russian federation is planning a new wave of mobilization that will affect residents of the occupied territories.


Despite the statement of the top leadership, the enemy does not stop “partial mobilization”, which is actually large-scale and has no exceptions. At the beginning of 2023, the enemy is planning a new wave, and it will affect the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied south.


Propagandists are currently preparing the foundation for closing the borders of the russian federation and isolating the country. At the same time, mobilization measures will be strengthened. Holders of russian passports are planned to be invited to the TOT, because the Kremlin will not make any exceptions for the “new regions of the russian federation”.


The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT to ignore the passporting of the enemy and immediately leave the region and go outside the russian federation. Do not become a resource for the enemy.

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