The Russians are rotating “volunteers” on the TOT

After the “elections”, the occupiers replace “volunteers” from the Kremlin’s youth movements in the temporarily occupied territories.

We are talking about “young guard”, who imitated the role of observers in the “elections” and provided extras for propaganda stories. Now they are returning to the Russian Federation, and a new batch of “volunteers” is arriving in the TOT.

It should be noted that these “volunteers” receive a salary for their work in the TOT, and also have preferences from the university where they study. The enemy is developing a similar system in fake universities in the TOT, but cannot find a sufficient number of students.

Earlier, the occupiers created “student labor detachments”, which exist mainly in propaganda videos and are formed from Russians. The detachments are “working” in the cities destroyed by the occupiers themselves – Lysychansk, Mariupol, Sievierodonetsk.

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