The Russians are taking interns to the TOT because of the lack of doctors

The Russians continue to bring their doctors to the temporarily occupied territories, because the locals mostly refused to cooperate with them, and the number of wounded occupiers is increasing.

Yes, now interns are sent to TOT. At the same time, young specialists are promised increased payments for internships in Ukraine.

At the same time, doctors from the Russian Federation are also arriving at TOT to conduct medical examinations of children. Yes, the occupiers are conducting a mass medical examination, within which 80,000 children are to be examined, 12,000 have already been examined.

If diseases are detected in children, they are sent to the Russian Federation for treatment. Then the father’s children are not returned until they come for them. Back then, the family was not farted because of “martial law”. That is, in fact, Russian doctors help the occupiers steal Ukrainian children.

The Center of National Resistance calls on families with children to leave TOT, so as not to fall into the trap of the enemy.

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