The Russians are trying to buy military equipment from other countries

The Center of National Resistance has learned that the Russian defense complex is unable to provide for the troops, so the Russian leadership is trying to organize purchases of dual-purpose (military) goods in Turkey.

Based on the inquiries, we can conclude what exactly the occupiers lack at the front:

  • computer chips
  • quadcopters (drones)
    complete set of drones needed by russians
  • bulletproof vests
  • helmets
  • night vision devices
  • ballistic goggles
  • underwear
  • winter uniform
  • sleeping bags

In order to circumvent the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation, Russians use the services of intermediaries and offer their payment using cryptocurrencies due to the impossibility of tracking them.

Despite the objections of the leadership of the Russian Federation, the sanctions imposed by the democratic world against the terrorist state work and create difficulties for it in waging a war of aggression.

The Center of National Resistance once again calls on all residents of the temporarily occupied territories to leave the territory controlled by Ukraine if possible and reminds you that we will return all captured territories.

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