The russians cannot start up any power unit in the temporarily occupied ZNPP

Due to the refusal of part of the Ukrainian staff of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to cooperate with the occupiers, the Russians can neither start up nor operate the plant’s power units.

The occupiers blocked access to the station for almost 1,500 Ukrainian employees of the ZNPP, who refused to receive Russian passports and sign a contract with the fake JSC “Operating Organization of the Zaporizhzhia NPP”, reports Energoatom.

Such a situation clearly testifies to the legitimacy of the “referendum” and the degree of support for the occupiers by the local population.

In order to improve their own situation, the invaders are looking for “new” nuclear workers for the ZNPP on the territory of the Russian Federation and are ready to resettle future workers in nationalized, or rather – forcibly taken, apartments of energy donors who left the occupied city.

However, there are not so many nuclear workers on the labor market, and therefore the occupiers had a shortage of personnel. The gradual degradation of specialized equipment, which the Russians caused due to non-compliance with the required temperature regime, also hindered the launch of the units.

Instead, the enemy continues to erect fortifications and build military structures around power units and dry-spent nuclear fuel storage (DCS). Such actions by the Russians are categorically unacceptable and violate all existing norms of nuclear and radiation safety.

We will recall that the occupiers continue the blockade of Energodar. Occupiers keep residents in the city in order to use them as human shields. It is impossible to leave the city. The Russians do not let anyone out. According to local authorities, about 10-15 thousand local residents of the 53 thousand who lived before the occupation were blocked in the city.

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