The Russians collected another 250 teachers to be sent to the occupied territories

Ukrainian educators refuse to work for the occupiers so the Russians import their “specialists”.

It is known about 250 teachers from different Russian regions who agreed to go on a “business trip” to those who have already arrived in the temporarily occupied territories. In fact, the task of these teachers will be propaganda for Ukrainian children and the organization of the “educational process” in the Russian language, that is, Russification.

Note that even Russian “educators” are in no hurry to agree to be sent to Ukraine. It is a matter of total resistance and an “unstable” situation for them. Therefore, the Russian authorities use the whip and the “white collar” method, promising the status of a participant in hostilities and a higher salary for work in the occupied territories, otherwise problems at work.

At the same time, the occupiers threaten the parents of Ukrainian children with deprivation of parental rights for refusing to send their children to their pseudo-educational institutions.

Reminder, in Luhansk region,Russian teachers are preparing for the so-called referendum. Thus, in the village of Lutugine, teachers transported from the Russian Ulyanovsk region are preparing for the propaganda coven. In general, almost the entire educational sector in the region was handed over to the Russians due to a lack of willing local people.

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