The Russians conducted a “passport raid” in Kakhovka

Forced passporting of the region continues in the temporarily occupied territories.

It has been almost two years since the enemy occupied some regions of the south and issued their passports there, but people are in no hurry to get them despite the Russians’ claims of 99% support. At the same time, the Russians create conditions where it’s impossible to live without red waste paper.

But even in such a situation, the enemy is forced to resort to coercion in order to increase the number of issued passports. So, this time, the Russians conducted a raid in Kakhovka, during which they went around houses to collect applications for passports.

At the same time, fingerprints were taken from residents. Men were issued a summons for “clarification of data” to fake Russian military commissariats.

The National Resistance Center notes that the Resistance Movement knows those who help the enemy to carry out its policy of Russification, and everyone involved will bear responsibility. You can report an enemy or collaborator using the link.

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