The Russians continue to bring gauleiters to the occupied territories

The Kremlin does not trust local collaborators and continues to bring its “specialists” to the occupied territories.

Thus, Oleksiy Lysov, responsible for cooperation with federal agencies from the governor of the Vologda region, became the so-called Deputy Head of the Council of Ministers for Infrastructure of the Zaporizhia Region. Yevhen Markelov, who previously worked as a minor official in the Krasnodar region, became deputy of the so-called Minister of Labor and Social Policy in the occupational government of the Zaporizhia Region.

Note that, in general, almost all management positions on temporarily occupied territories are held by Russians. In addition, the Kremlin transports doctors, utility workers, and teachers to the occupied territories. Moscow pursues a policy of replacing residents with Russians in the captured territories.

Therefore, we emphasize once again that there is no future in the occupied territories. Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls for evacuation at the time of the operation of the Armed Forces to liberate the temporarily occupied territories. Instructions for departure from TOT are available by the link.

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