The Russians continue to distribute propaganda wastepaper

In the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk oblast, the occupiers distributed another issue of waste paper called «DPR Kocheharka».

In the materials of this so-called newspaper, which is distributed free of charge, the main attention was drawn to the «pseudo-elections» held on a single voting day in Russia, anti-Ukrainian propaganda and current socio-economic events in the TOT of eastern Ukraine.

In particular, the occupiers covered headlines that focused on holding the first «historic» fair, and transparent «elections» and unconditional support from the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the occupiers could not refrain from discrediting the Defense Forces of Ukraine, namely, accusing them of launching fire strikes on the alleged civilian infrastructure of a number of settlements in the region.

It is worth noting that due to the local population’s ignoring the «elections», the occupiers were unable to promote the narrative of supporting the «expression of will», and the «international observers» were not enough to create the desired picture for domestic propaganda.

Therefore, the occupation authorities made another futile attempt to legalize their illegal control over the TOT of Ukraine.

The National Resistance Center urges either to ignore the issuance of the relevant waste paper or to burn it after receipt.

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