The Russians could not find extras to simulate “expression of will”

The occupiers plan to hold their “referendum” on September 23-26, but given the lack of local support, they are inventing reasons to hide the low turnout.

Yesterday, the leaders of the so-called DNR announced the option of holding a “referendum” online to “ensure security.” Gauleiters of the Zaporizhzhia region went further and announced that voting will be based on the place of residence. Note that Ukraine’s Resistance Center warned about this option in August.

In fact, the occupiers plan to send “brigades” to the homes, which will consist of members of the “electoral commissions” and policemen. That is, there will be no secret voting, but the main thing is that thanks to this, it is possible to “explain” the low turnout at the pseudo-referendum.

At the same time, Ukraine’s Resistance Center calls on the residents of the region to evacuate from TOT, because all these “referendums” are needed only to start the mobilization, which the collaborators are already talking about.

If it is not possible to leave the region right now, then ignore the “referendum”, do not go to the polling station, and do not open the door of your apartment to strangers during the referendum.

We will remind you that earlier Ukraine’s Resistance Center published the data of members of the so-called “polling stations” on the Internet.

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