The Russians create a “police state” on temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

The occupiers continue to bring their police officers to the temporarily occupied territories.

The total number of police officers who are trying to control the population on the TOT has already reached 52 thousand against 42 thousand in October. At the same time, after the defeat of the Russians in the battle for Kherson, the captured territories decreased.

But the occupiers continue to increase this number, so soon 400 policemen from the Penza region are expected to arrive at TOT. In fact, the Russians are turning TOT into a police state, which is typical of fascism.

We will remind you that earlier the occupiers sent 1,000 policemen from the Samara region to Ukraine. The enemy also created special groups to search and identify members of the Ukrainian underground.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT to leave the region until it is liberated by the Armed Forces.

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