The Russians eliminate commanders who delay in executing orders

The Russians resort to a practice familiar to them since the Second World War – shooting those who delay or refuse to carry out orders.


Considering that the anniversary of the Russian full-scale invasion is approaching, Russian troops were ordered to advance at least to the administrative borders of the Donetsk region at any cost. That is why the Russians threw all their forces into the encirclement of Bakhmut, which they have been trying to capture for more than 9 months.



According to the interception of the radio exchange of fighters from the “Wagner” PMC, a fighter with the call sign “Acrobat” was ordered to shoot “Ustinov” and lead his group into battle. Due to a bad connection, the militant “acrobat” first heard that he was going to shoot the entire group of “Ustinov”. It is clear from his reaction that this is a common practice for them.


For the Russians this group has no value  since at the moment its basis is made up of recruited prisoners whose losses do not entail any social costs for the occupiers.

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