The Russians finally removed the collaborators from power in the Kherson region

Russian proteges perform a purely decorative role in the process of capturing the region. But in the Kherson region the invaders decided that they no longer needed decorations.

Yesterday Volodymyr Saldo played his last role in the play called “Voluntary Joining”. Gauleiter stated that he needed hospitalization and “the head of the Kherson region” will be Serhii Yeliseev who works in the FSB and has no connection to Ukraine.

We have already reported that in fact Yeliseev is in charge of the process of occupation of the region since his appointment as the “head of the government” of the Kherson region in July. Now the need for balancing Saldo has finally disappeared and the descendants of the Chekists can officially plunder the captured region and engage in repression.

However it is naive to think that this work will bring them only pleasure, because as practice shows, sometimes the cars of the “leaders” of certain occupied regions explode.

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