The Russians have officially turned mobile internet off in the temporarily occupied East

Occupation mobile operators have stopped providing mobile internet services in the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


Since February 11 this service has been removed from the list. In fact, the Internet stopped working for about a week, but from today it is official. Thus, the majority of local people found themselves in an information blockade because they do not have a landline Internet and so, free access to information.


In this way, the occupiers not only struggle with the transmission of information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is carried out by the locals in order to bring the liberation of their regions closer, but also monopolize the ways of conveying information. The Kremlin needs the latter for even greater brainwashing of the locals and taking the region under control.


Note that constant repressions and bans are an eloquent testimony to the lack of support for the occupiers among the locals.

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