The Russians intensify repression, but are unable to protect collaborators, a review from TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, cars of traitors continue to explode, and the Russians, on the other hand, intensify their repressive actions. The Center of National Resistance has prepared a detailed review of the main events in the world of the Ukrainian underground.

Hunting for traitors and other underground activities

On January 24, the car of the traitor Valentina Mamai, who was inside the car at the time of the explosion, exploded in the center of Berdyansk. The traitor was hospitalized.

It is worth noting that Valentyna Mamai used to be a deputy of the city council. At the beginning of the invasion, she pretended to be loyal to Ukraine, but in reality she was passing data to the enemy. In particular, the addresses of military families, former participants of the anti-terrorist operation, activists, and looking for places to accommodate the enemy.

In Severodonetsk, locals continue to resist the occupation and deliver messages to the occupiers.

Despite the fact that the city has been under occupation since June 25, the locals continue to wait for liberation. So, in one of the recent videos about the situation in the city, in the frame you can see the inscription “AFU” made in the snow.

Even with such inscriptions in the city, their authors will often be “in the basement” with the occupiers. However, this does not stop people from reporting to the Russians the true attitude of the locals towards the enemy.

In addition, residents of TOT continue to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine identify enemy positions. Yes, the occupiers forbade residents of Energodar to go to the shore. The Russians allowed their soldiers to open fire in advance if a rule was violated. The reason for this is that the enemy is afraid that the locals will adjust their fire.

Increasing repression

The main assessment of the activity of the underground and the true level of support for the occupiers in the TOT is the constant increase in repression. The enemy’s attempts to expose the “undergrounds” do not stop, since the majority of TOT residents want to see the Armed Forces of Ukraine, regardless of the number depicted by Russian propaganda at “referendums”.

However, the occupiers are preparing for a new mass check of the residents of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions for “loyalty”. In particular, a large-scale check of phones is planned for the presence of Ukrainian applications (in particular, banks and online education). Along with this, the Russians are increasing the number of roadblocks between populated areas in the south.

In Melitopol, special groups work to identify “disloyal residents” in public places. The occupiers walk around in civilian clothes in groups of 2-3 and gather information. In particular, the occupying “law enforcement officers” deliberately provoke residents into political conversations, sometimes pretending that they are pro-Ukrainian, and sometimes simulating a quarrel among themselves.

After they are joined by another interlocutor who demonstrates disloyalty to the occupying power, he is put under surveillance. In this way, the Russians expect to expose even more pro-Ukrainian residents and intensify repression.

It should be noted that in addition to the repression of residents, the Russians are actively resorting to banning the Ukrainian language. This is in order to further Russify the local population. In particular, within the framework of the 10-year program of Russification of children, the occupiers plan to increase the emphasis in schools on Russia’s role in the Second World War, to organize regular performances by “SWO veterans”, and generally to increase the “hours of patriotism”.

Mass seizure of Ukrainian books from seized schools and libraries is also ongoing. In particular, in the Luhansk region, Ukrainian books are being confiscated from school library funds, and in Melitopol, the Russians conduct regular raids on libraries. Fiction, history books, biographies and essays related to Ukraine were banned.

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