The Russians refused from conducting the “referendum” and lost a “commandant”, – a review from TOT

The Ukrainian underground disrupts the plans of the occupiers and eliminated the “commandant” of Berdiansk. The National Resistance Center has prepared a fresh overview of the main news from the temporarily occupied territories for the week.

The military “commandant” of Berdiansk ended his career prematurely

On September 6, the car of the military “commandant” of the city, Artem Bardin, was blown up in the center of the temporarily occupied Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia region. After the explosion, there was a shootout. Artem Bardin came to manage the Ukrainian city from the Russian Federation, but died in the hospital from his injuries.

In nearby Melitopol, the underground warned collaborators that their job is dangerous for their health. So, on the night of September 8, there was an explosion in the temporarily occupied Melitopol near the “We are together with Russia” headquarters. It is located on Lomonosova Street, 234. “Guest performers” from the Russian Federation create agitation there and look for extras for events that are staged to show local “support” of the occupation and the “voluntary inclusion” of the region in the Russian Federation.

In the morning of September 8, explosions were also heard on the streets of Melitopolska Division and Koshovyi. The first explosion is a “congratulation” for Yuriy Onyshchuk, a former deputy of the city council and head of the local water supply company. Currently, he is helping the Russians to stage a fake show of will. The second is a warning for Elvira Chernyshova, a member of the fake election commission of the occupiers. As a result of both cases, the windows in the houses were blown out.

It is also worth noting that sometimes the collaborators do not die at the hands of the underground or internal conflicts, but the Russians simply leave them to die in the armed forces when they retreat. We have such a case in the village of Ivanivka, Chuhuiv District, Kharkiv region.

Unfortunately, we also have tragic news, on September 3 Maksym Mahrynov from occupied Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region, died. The Russians came to him with accusations of adjusting the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the bases of the occupiers in the city. The hero blew himself up along with his enemies. One occupant died on the spot, the other in the hospital.

Rejection of the “referendum”

Collaborators abandoned the idea of ​​holding a “referendum” on September 11. Although Moscow controls the territory, it has not taken control of the population and the situation. Therefore, the statement “Russia is here forever” is only a propaganda slogan that even collaborators do not believe. Now the Kremlin is cautiously planning to hold a “show of will” on November 4. However, this is not the first postponement of the date and it seems that it will not be the last.

The Russians also abandoned the idea of ​​registering all Ukrainian enterprises so that they would pay taxes to the occupiers. The fact is that there are almost no people who want to do this and the deadline of September 1 has failed. Considering the lack of excitement, the Russians decided to extend the “transitional period” until October 1. At the same time, they previously threatened to squeeze out businesses that would not register on time. However, even threats did not work.

Forced mobilization and non-cooperation of local residents

The Russians are actively increasing the pace of forced mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories. Thus, in Kharkiv Oblast, men of draft age are detained and sent to the “recruitment center” in Vovchansk.

In the Luhansk region, forced mobilization gained such momentum that the Russians began to mass transport workers from the Russian Federation instead of mobilized ones. This approach is practiced at the Alchevsk metallurgical plant and at the Dovzhanska-Capitalna mine. At the same time, the Russian military brought their teachers to the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporizhia region to properly present “history” to Ukrainian children.

The occupiers have started their “school year”, during which Ukrainian children are Russified. However, local teachers mostly refuse to work for the occupier, and those who agree do not know the “program”. Therefore, the Russians bring their “educators” to the territory to study “Russian history”. At the same time, they settle them in empty apartments of local residents, even giving them their property. At the same time, Ukrainian teachers who refused to cooperate are kept “in the basement”.

It should be noted that the Center of National Resistance prepared a separate material explaining the prospects of obtaining a Russian passport and about what Russian propaganda remains silent.

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