The Russians reported the theft of 300,000 tons of Ukrainian grain in the Zaporizhia region

The occupation administration of the Zaporizhia region reported the sale of 300,000 tons of grain, oil, and leguminous crops in 2022.

Thus, Gauleiters said that 10 branches of the “State Grain Operator” were created to accept agricultural products in the region, which then resold the grain.

It was created in order to buy grain from farmers at TOT for next to nothing, and if the farmers do not sell the grain, it will be forcefully “nationalized”. In the future, this “state firm” transferred the grain to structures related to the occupiers, and they resold it at market prices.

That is, in fact, the Russians stole Ukrainian grain, and all the profit was taken by the Gauleiter and protégés of the Kremlin in the region.

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