The time of deoccupation is coming: Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to help partisans and join the resistance

Spreading information about the enemy’s location and movements as well as non-violent resistance – everyone in their place can bring victory closer.

Thanks to the activities of the Ukrainian underground, which transmits information about the enemy, the Defense Forces are successfully eliminating the invaders. Therefore, your activity, and the activity of those who heroically resist the enemy in the occupation, bring our victory closer. Ukrainian partisan movements are becoming more active in the temporarily occupied territories and are ready to hit the enemy in the rear with double force.

If you are ready to join the resistance, join the social movements in the TOT and take back what is yours! At the same time, the National Resistance Center reminds that the website has a number of practical instructions on how to effectively, and most importantly, safely fight the enemy in the occupation.

Переглядаючи цей сайт, ви погоджуєтесь з нашою політикою конфіденційності.