The traitor Kovalyov was eliminated in the Kherson region

On August 28, unknown persons killed ex-MP Oleksiy Kovalyov in Zaliznyi Port.

The former deputy was shot dead in his own house, his roommate was hospitalized with stab wounds. The occupiers immediately surrounded the house and began large-scale “filtration measures” in the city, but to no avail.

Kovalyov was a People’s Deputy of Ukraine from 2019, but in 2022 he switched to the side of the occupiers and joined the occupation “government”, where he was the only local among visiting Russians. In June, the occupiers already announced an unsuccessful attempt on Kovalyov.

The Center of National Resistance emphasizes once again that collaborators do not live long. Traitors are killed by those they betrayed or by other traitors. At the same time, the Russians are “clearing the field” for their visiting gauleiters.

Remember, the Russian Federation always turns the occupied territories into a “gray zone” without further development. All that traitors can get is the role of extras in the struggle of the curators for the redistribution of influence. There is no life for the locals in this picture. We call on everyone to evacuate from TOT for the period of the Armed Forces operation to liberate the region.

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