The traitor’s car was blown up in Berdiansk

On January 24, in the center of Berdyansk, the car of the traitor Valentina Mamai, who, according to preliminary data, was inside the car at the time of the explosion, exploded.

Currently, she and two other people are in the hospital. The information is confirmed by both locals and collaborators.

It is worth noting. that Valentina Mamai used to be a deputy of the city council. At the beginning of the invasion, she pretended to be loyal to Ukraine, but in reality she was passing data to the enemy. In particular, the addresses of the families of military personnel, former participants of the anti-terrorist operation, and looking for places to accommodate the enemy.

In Kyiv, the case regarding her high treason was considered in absentia.

However, as you know, collaborators do not live long, because they are not needed either by those they betrayed, by those for whose sake, or by other traitors.

National Resistance Center urges not to cooperate with the enemy and to remember the criminal responsibility for such cooperation.

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