The Ukrainian Resistance Movement is actively recording collaborators in the TOT of eastern Ukraine

хліб, колаборанти

In the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, partisans are actively working to identify collaborators and other representatives of enterprises in the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, who have signed so-called “state contracts” with the occupation authorities of the russian federation, in particular, for consumer services and other cooperation in the supply of food products to units and units of the russian occupation forces.

Among the general list, we can focus on the “subsidiary “bakery” of PJSC “Luhansk-Niva”, which supplies their products to the occupation forces on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this is not the only enterprise that works for the occupiers, however the Ukrainian underground identifies such “enterprises” or individuals on a daily basis and clearly knows how to act in such situations.

The National Resistance Center reminds that collaborationism is punishable by imprisonment from 10 to 15 years, a ban on holding positions in government bodies at various levels, correctional labor, fines, and confiscation of property. Refuse to cooperate with the Russian occupation administrations and the Russian occupation forces, and after the de-occupation of our territories, you will be able to guarantee a quiet life.

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