Ukrainians massively spread their native symbols in the temporarily occupied territories and surrender their positions to the enemy. The Center for National Resistance has prepared an overview of the main events of the Ukrainian underground for the week.

Opposition to the enemy

In the temporarily occupied Sevastopol, resistance stays, even after 9 years since the capture of the city. Thus, unknown persons hung the Ukrainian flag on the arch of the Grafskaya pier.

In general, the underground has intensified on the peninsula. In particular, local activists redraw the symbol Z, which Russians leave on the streets of occupied settlements, on blue and yellow hourglasses. As a reminder that the time of the occupiers on the Ukrainian territory is passing and the liberation of the occupied territories is approaching.

Also, representatives of the public movement of resistance to the occupation “Yellow Ribbon” conducted a raid on the temporarily occupied cities of Crimea. Locals again reminded the occupiers that Ukraine is on its way to the return of the peninsula. In particular, in recent days only in Simferopol, more than 130 graffiti have been drawn.

In the south, they are informing the Armed Forces of Ukraine about ammunition depots and the location of the enemy. At the same time, the Russians deliberately equip warehouses in civilian buildings in the center of settlements, substituting locals at risk of detonation.

The Russians are trying to increase the pace of passporting through blackmail

The Kremlin is dissatisfied with the pace of passportization in the temporarily occupied territory consequently it deliberately creates conditions when a passport is the only chance for Ukrainians to survive on the occupied lands.

Thus, in the Kherson region, by May 1, occupiers set a task for all car owners to carry out re-registration in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. However, it is possible to re-register the car only if the enemy’s passport is available, and at the same time the occupiers have already stated that cars without re-registration will be seized.

Since March, the rules for the payment of pensions and social benefits of the Russian Federation began to operate in the temporarily occupied territories. According to them, the corresponding payments are possible only with the presence of a Russian passport.

At the same time, the enemy banned the circulation of hryvnia, that is, deprived the local population of Ukrainian payments. Therefore, residents of the temporarily occupied territories are dependent on the payment of the Russian Federation, so the Russians actually hold them hostage.

But even working for the occupier there is no guarantee of receiving wages. Thus, the occupation administration of Zaporizhia region has two-month wage arrears to state employees.

Teachers, doctors, railway workers, postmen, etc. do not receive money, the authorities promise to solve all the problems as soon as possible, and the social crisis in the region is worsened. The economic blockade of the region is beneficial to the Kremlin in order to take local residents to Russia under the pretext of “evacuation” and bring Russians into their place.

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