The Wagnerians took people from the suburbs of Bakhmut to filtration

Mercenaries of the russian PMC “Wagner” forcibly took about 30 people from the suburbs of Bakhmut to Rostov-on-Don (russia).

Residents were forcibly taken to filtration camps, where the occupiers determined their future fate. In spite of the russian statement that they intended to protect the civilian population from hostilities, we emphasize that locals were taken out specifically for the purpose of filtration. The basis of these measures is the “presumption of guilt”. The victims of these inhumane measures must convince the officers of the FSB of the russian federation that they did not cooperate with the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

At the same time, the Russians are shelling the cities of Oleshky and Nova Kakhovka in order to similarly have grounds for the forced evacuation of local residents to filtration camps and subsequent detention or resettlement in remote regions of the Russian Federation.

Note that the occupiers are also blocking the exit of people from the TOT to territory under the control of the Government of Ukraine. This also indicates the real intentions of the enemy, namely the deportation of Ukrainians.

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