There are fewer collaborators, and the Russians have difficulties with forced mobilization – a review from TOT

In a week, the Russians did not count three collaborators at once, and another traitor was hospitalized. The Center of National Resistance summed up the main events in the temporarily occupied territories for the past week.

Hunting traitors

On September 16, an explosion rang out in Luhansk, resulting in the death of the so-called Prosecutor General of the LPR Serhiy Gorenko. The traitor was blown up right in his office. His deputy, Katerynka Steglenko, died with him. According to preliminary information, explosives were brought into the premises by one of the visitors.

At the same time, Oleg Boyko and his wife Lyudmila Boyko were killed near their garage in Berdyansk. The first was responsible for housing and communal services for the occupiers, and his wife headed the city polling station for the “referendum”.

Earlier, on September 12, the self-proclaimed rector of Kherson State University Tetyana Tomilina was blown up near her apartment. The explosion killed a security guard, and Tomilina herself was taken to the intensive care unit.

In June, she took over the premises of the KhSU, which had been evacuated from the region since the beginning of the war, and declared herself rector. That is, she was actually responsible for the Russification of the region and propaganda. The traitor also organized the illegal collection of personal data of students of the occupation pseudo-university.

We can state that the life of a TOT (temporarily occupied territories)collaborator is bright and short-lived, because nobody likes traitors: neither local people, nor other collaborators, nor those for whom they “work”.

At the same time, we should note that after the liberation of a large number of settlements in the Kharkiv Region by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian law enforcement officers began investigating the traitors of the Motherland.

The latest facial recognition technologies are also used to identify traitors. Specialists are studying Russian propaganda videos from the time of the occupation in order to establish the data of those who participated in crimes against the Ukrainian state and insulted state symbols.

Every crime will not go unnoticed and the relevant actions will have to be answered in accordance with the procedure established by law. Therefore, all collaborators and traitors will be held strictly accountable.

Residents of TOT organize riots against mobilization

The occupiers are conducting the so-called mobilization of the male population in the temporarily occupied territories. It is already actively underway in the east, while preparations are underway in the south. Men are already prohibited from leaving the settlements.

In particular, the occupiers are strengthening the administrative and police regime, prohibiting entry and exit from populated areas, and introducing a curfew. To limit movement, the Russians even resort to looting. In particular, motorcycles and mopeds are stolen from the garages of villagers so that they cannot move.

As a result of this policy, in Luhansk region, the wives of those mobilized staged a protest demanding to let their husbands go home. Security forces of the occupiers arrived on the scene and dispersed the protesters.

In the south, the locals refuse to cooperate with the enemy

In the Kherson region, the occupiers boasted that they had restored the work of fire station No. 20 of the Bilozer district. However, in fact, they brought their own rescuers, because the locals refused to cooperate with them.

At the same time, the Russians were unable to launch the “educational process” within which Ukrainian children are Russified. Thus, on September 1, out of 457 schools, the occupiers opened 91, which is 19.9%.

The reason is the absence of children, because most families have left the region. In particular, 15,500 children went to school, which is 12.3% of the total number. 1254 children (11.4%) went to the first grade.

Such figures are an eloquent testimony to the real support of the occupiers on the part of the locals. The majority of residents did not give their children as hostages to the enemy’s propaganda centers.

Finally, we should note that the Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of TOT to evacuate for the period of the Armed Forces operation to liberate the region. Read more about the psychological barriers that sometimes prevent decisions about evacuation at the link.

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