They are looking for the underground: the occupiers are organizing raids on local residents

Russians will continue to suffer from the partisans activities in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT).

The effectiveness of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine owes a lot to the work of our underground. Ukrainians on TOT continue to inform about the placement of Russian military facilities and the personnel transfers. Therefore, cotton appears where it should. Therefore, the occupiers are strengthening the police regime and conducting searches of TOT residents. Russians pay special attention to the newly occupied territories of Ukraine.

In particular, in Zaporizhzhia, Russians are searching garage cooperatives, looking for underground hiding places and places to store weapons. In Melitopol, they also visit private houses, inspecting basements in particular detail. At the roadblocks set up by the Russians, the inspection of mobile phones is renewed. ʼ

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reiterates the importance of safety when preparing for sabotage operations.

Do not keep things at home that may raise questions for the occupants. From paint cans and stencils to dual-use items.

Take care of your mobile phone. Delete all discussions of political issues, hostilities, condemnation of Putin and Russia’s policies, photos of military equipment, destruction, screenshots. Make sure that there are no suspicious contacts in the phone book: for example, “Katya volunteer”, “Sasha ZSU”, call signs of your friends, if any.

We would like to remind you that the website of Ukraine’s National Resistance Center has detailed instructions on your actions when detained by the occupiers. We also call on the civilian population to evacuate the TOT, if possible, during the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the territories.

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