They fear airstrikes: the occupiers want to use civilians as “human shields” in Donetsk region

After the successful actions of our partisans behind enemy lines, the Russians are planning to combine civilian routes with military ones.

In the occupied Mariupol, the occupiers set establishing, at first sight, the civil railway connection Mariupol-Volnovakha, as well as the sea connection Mariupol-Rostov-on-Don. Interestingly, anti-sabotage wagons, which are used to transport ammunition, were spotted as part of the diesel train that should run to Volnovakha.

And seems-to-be a civilian vessel which is supposed to run to the Russian Rostov-on-Don, should move along a route that completely coincides with the ammunition supply routes. The occupiers, who had already experienced the work of our partisans and seen the effectiveness of HIMARS, decided to use their favorite strategy of covering themselves with women and children.

We have only one message for them – the Resistance Movement will reach you in other places that you cannot even think about.

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