They take away cars and rob houses: the Russians continue to loot on TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, looting on the part of the Russian military intensified.

At the TOT of Donetsk region, Kadyrov fighters forcibly evicted the local population from private houses and settled there. At the same time, they leave a clearing of civilians in populated areas to use them as “human shields”. Kadyrovtsy mock people and rob their farms. The cases of rape are also recorded.

Also, according to the information of the public resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon“, the Russian military detained a man near Andriyivka because of found outgoing calls to a Ukrainian number. After his arrest, he was released, but his car and phone were confiscated.

National Resistance Center reminds that if possible, you should have a separate phone with a Russian number, which should be provided for verification at checkpoints.

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