They use the hryvnia: the occupiers are trying to intimidate entrepreneurs with fines

Entrepreneurs in the temporarily occupied territories continue to oppose the transition to the ruble.

Due to the refusal to completely switch to the ruble, the occupiers threaten fines. Entrepreneurs at TOT refuse to artificially inflate the ruble exchange rate at the request of the occupiers. Therefore, the Russians decided to fine such entrepreneurs.

In particular, at the TOT of the Zaporizhzhia region, the entrepreneur must pay a fine of 5 thousand Russian rubles for non-compliance with the requirements of the Russians. This is if the violation occurs for the first time. The second time – 25 thousand rubles, and then – a ban on work.

In this way, the occupiers continue to exacerbate the social crisis in TOT.

It should be noted that precisely because of local resistance, during the entire period of occupation of the territories since February 24, the Russians were unable to completely displace the hryvnia and force people to take passports.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls to ignore the passporting of the enemy and, if possible, to leave the TOT.

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