They will not pay utility bills to the occupiers – the people of Melitopol massively “bombed” the city with Ukrainian symbols

The townspeople distributed more than 700 yellow and blue ribbons and patriotic posters.

The resistance of Melitopol residents continues, the city constantly reminds the occupiers that Melitopol is Ukraine. Melitopol partisans have recently conducted several mass raids on the city and “bombed” it with patriotic symbols. The photo from the underground was distributed by the Yellow Ribbon civil resistance movement.

One of the key messages of the protest was opposition to the demands of the occupiers regarding the payment of utility services to Russian accounts.

“The Yellow Ribbon movement in Melitopol and other occupied territories continues to grow. It is important to remember that we can all play a significant role in the liberation of Ukraine by sharing information, donating to support the Ukrainian defense forces or simply spreading our messages. Become part of the movement it’s easy – print posters, distribute them around the city, take photos and send them to us through the “Together” chatbot, – the “Yellow Ribbon” urges.

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