To the attention of the residents of TOT! Russians are looking for partisans

The occupiers are trying to find underground representatives in the temporarily occupied territories.

Enemy special services have intensified their search for partisans in the TOT. In particular, representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service confiscate cell phones during civilian inspections. During the checks, the occupiers tried to establish whether people had any connection with the Defense Forces. The search for the underground is one of the critical tasks of the Russian special services in the TOT.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that the enemy is systematically looking for the underground in the TOT because of the successful actions of the Defense Forces, which are also thriving thanks to information from our partisans. Therefore, each of you must always take care of your safety.

You can learn how to protect your phone in a short video.

How to properly transmit information about the enemy and a link to the Resistance telegram bot can be found here.

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