Total mobilization for the Russian Army in Luhansk region

The occupiers are bringing Russians to the Luhansk region to work instead of the locals who are being mobilized.

Mobilization in the “LDNR” quasi-republic continues. Women and men from the Russian Federation are brought to large enterprises. Instead, local men who have Russian passports are forcibly mobilized into the occupation forces.

This approach is practiced at the Alchevsk metallurgical plant and the Dovzhanska-Kapitalna mine.

We have already written that the occupiers plan to mobilize up to 10,000 people from the temporarily occupied territories. For this, they are increasing the pace of forced passporting.

The Center of National Resistance calls on local residents to evacuate for the period of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operation to liberate the temporarily occupied territories. If you cannot leave, sabotage the passporting process. In particular, you may “lose” the documents that must be submitted to obtain a Russian passport.

If you were forcibly mobilized into the ranks of the Russian army, surrender to the Ukrainian military at the first opportunity.

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