Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on Ukrainians to join the #YellowStripe campaign

On the Day of Dignity and Freedom, tie a yellow ribbon as a symbol of resistance to the Russian occupation, as a sign of support for indomitable Ukrainians who resist in the temporarily occupied territories.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls to join the corresponding flash mob from the civil resistance movement “YellowStripe”. Despite the constant threat to life, kidnapping and torture, the activists continued their underground protest. Pro-Ukrainian posters and graffiti appeared on city streets, and yellow ribbons were tied on fences, trees, and even the buildings of the occupation administrations as a symbol of resistance to the Russian occupation.

Activists not only carried out informational resistance, but also thwarted one of the attempts to hold a pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region in the spring of 2022.

Today we have to remind all Ukrainians who are currently under occupation that we do not forget about them and they too will soon return home. As the inhabitants of the north, Kharkiv region and Kherson did before.

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