Ukraine’s National Resistance Center received data from occupiers cellphones

Russian soldiers have a characteristic feature – they really like to take pictures of everything they see. This greatly facilitates the documentation of their criminal activities on the territory of Ukraine.

Therefore, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reminds: if you find a flash drive, phone, laptop, in other words, any media, hand it over to the nearest formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or report it to our email. The data found on such carriers allows us to obtain more information about the enemy, and therefore to speed up his defeat and bring our victory closer.

We present to your attention examples of such photos that were found on the phone of a Russian from the 810th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade, which lost up to 85% of its personnel after the successful offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson direction. The occupier also recorded the unit’s documents with personal data, and how fire positions were placed near residential buildings, and stolen civilian cars with license plates that clearly belonged to much better cars that they took from Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories.

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