Ukrainian hackers conducted an operation to discredit the occupying “volunteers”

Activists from “Cyber Resistance” discredited Mikhail Luchin, a war criminal whose mail was hacked the day before.

The occupier is known for “illuminating” the use of chemical weapons by the Russian army, namely the dropping of a K-51 grenade from a drone on Ukrainian positions.

Thanks to the hacking of his mail, the Ukrainian defense forces obtained technical documentation of the Research Institute “Vektor”, which develops complexes for combating Ukrainian drones for the Russian army.

However, the enemy also engages in “volunteer” activities. In particular, it organizes drone fees for the occupiers.

He sells some of the drones and components through the Avito platform and transfers funds to his crypto wallet. What characterizes him as a not very conscientious activist, but stealing on “defense” is a good tradition of Russians, which helps us in the fight against the occupiers.

It is worth noting that the Russian “justice” is already interested in Luchin, which does not prevent him from further collecting money for the needs of the occupiers.

Luchin saved part of the collected funds in his private accounts to purchase useful technological equipment to hand over to the occupation units. Due to the closedness of the Russian financial system, it is impossible to use these funds for the benefit of the Resistance movement. All that remains is to spend the round sum of the occupiers’ donations on goods of dubious purpose.

Using access to his “volunteer” card and account on the AliExpress online site, activists withdrew $25,000 from his accounts by purchasing intimate items. It is no longer possible to cancel the order, and the toys go to their owner.

In this way, the occupiers will not receive the drones for which they have been waiting for so long, and the activists of “Cyber Resistance” have demonstrated an excellent example of sabotage.

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