Ukrainian parents en masse take their children out of TOT before the start of the Russian “school year”

Over the past week, the number of families with children who left the temporarily occupied territories for free Ukraine has significantly increased.

So, over the past week, on average, 500 children and their parents have been leaving through the southern checkpoints for a day. One of the reasons is the beginning of the school year and the occupiers’ policy of coercion in sending children to “education”.

However, most parents understand that this is not education, but Russification. The occupiers took their “educators” to the occupied territories, who are supposed to engage in propaganda for Ukrainian students. The documents regarding such “education” are not recognized by the world, and in fact, the future of children is at stake.

Currently, the Russians are increasing the pressure on parents and threatening fines and confiscation of property. At the same time, they promise to pay a one-time aid of 10,000 rubles for each child sent to “school”. However, even such a policy does not produce results.

The Center of National Resistance calls on residents of TOT to evacuate from TOT at the time of the operation to liberate the region. We will return after de-occupation and our children will study in Ukrainian schools.

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