Ukrainian underground helped to destroy the enemy in Horlivka

On December 12, in the temporarily occupied Horlivka (Donetsk region), thanks to information from the Ukrainian underground, an enemy personnel was destroyed by a point strike

The operation was made possible thanks to the coordination of the underground and the Armed Forces. The military was given data on the location of the occupiers’ personnel and their equipment. As a result, Ukrainian forces worked according to the coordinates. According to preliminary data, more than 100 enemy personnel and equipment were destroyed.

Each such blow reduces the offensive potential of the enemy and brings our victory closer. The National Resistance Center reminds us that everyone can be involved in victory. If you know where an enemy warehouse or command post is located, you can anonymously report the coordinates to us using the link.

We also remind you that the hunt for the Wagner is ongoing. Pass on the whereabouts of a cluster of criminals who call themselves a “private army” and every band gets a standing ovation.

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